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Above, model Tim Mehnert for the cover shoot of The Killer Detective Novelist in Greenwich, Connecticut.  Photo by Bill Havranek, who has done the photos for all three of my book covers.  Both Tim and Bill are great friends.  Killer Detective Novelist is dedicated to Tim.

The photo immediately below is the front and back cover for my first book of short stories, The Reclusives (July 2011).  Cover and interior by Daniel Middleton at Scribe Freelance.  Photo for cover by Bill Havranek.  

Below is the design for my second novel, YOU with The Ill-usives (January 2012).  Bill Havranek took this photo in Tuscany.  And the amazingly talented Daniel Middleton did this cover too, as well as my third book, The Killer Detective Novelist. 
For example, let's say you run into someone you know from your past.  But what is the phenomenon that occurs when you happen to run into someone you never liked, but the feeling of recognition and nostalgia supersedes any animosity and you greet the person as if he were the finest acquaintance you have ever known.  You are just happy to know that you have had a past, that someone from it, affable or not, has appeared to confirm your earlier history.   Excerpt from YOU with The Ill-usives

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